The N-Body Shop

An international collaboration of astrophysicists using and developing numerical solutions to complex, multiscale problems.


Gasoline is a modern SPH simulation code for astrophysical problems. It has been used for simulations of planets, stars, galaxies, and more.


ChaNGa is the next generation simulation code. It uses the SPH methods and subgrid models initially developed in Gasoline and pairs them with the cutting edge Charm++ parallel programming language for extreme scalability and fault tolerance.

Analysis Tools

The N-Body shop also works to develop a wide array of analysis tools and scripts to make it easier to use simulation data to produce derived results.

Members of the N-Body Shop Collaboration

The N-Body Shop was born at the University of Washington, and has grown to include research groups across the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Publications by N-Body Shop Members

Latest Publications

Data Products

Initial Condtions

Initial conditions in Tipsy and N-Chilada format for use with Gasoline or ChaNGa. Replicate our results!

Simulation Outputs

Snapshots, halo catalogues, and other derived data products from simulations run by N-Body shop members.

Code of Conduct

The N-Body Shop collaboration is governed by a collaboratively written code of conduct. We strive to provide an inclusive and safe environment for all our members.